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Lasik Eye surgery is a procedure that is gaining popularity every year.  With advancements in technology and, word-of-mouth advertising has caused people to see a laser eye specialist more than ever before. Since I just had my eyes done, I thought I would post some of the questions I had for my doctor before moving forward with this life changing surgery:

  1. How long has Lasik Eye Surgery been around and how has it changed over the years? Lasik eye surgery has been in practice for over twenty years. Recent advancements in laser technology now allows the patient to have near perfect vision, and usually better than glasses or contacts. 
  2. Can Lasik treat near sightedness, far sightedness, and astigmatism? Yes all three of these concerns can be fixed with Lasik procedures. Treating vision problems with astigmatism usually requires additional steps and sometimes an additional cost is associated. 
  3. What is the recovery time postop? The recovery time is very short; most people take one day off work and return depending on the profession. Some people even go back to work the same day, although most providers do not recommend that. 
  4. Is there an actual blade that cuts your eye prior to Laser? Some doctors still use the older method of cutting the eye, but most providers perform an All Laser Lasik procedure, also known as Bladeless Lasik.  
  5. How long does the procedure take? Most Lasik Eye surgeries take 5 to 10 minutes, if you have astigmatism the procedure could take an additional five mins.
  6. Does it hurt? Patients are given numbing drops that work very well against any discomfort. Most patients say there is no pain whatsoever.  If you are nervous, you can ask your eye specialist for anxiety. 
  7. Do I have to come back for more Laser work later? There is a small chance that a Lasik eye patient will need a slight touch-up. Most doctors will include this maintenance in the initial agreement so there are not additional costs involved once the first surgery is done.
  8. Are there any risks involved in Lasik? Like any eye surgery there is risk for infection, improper healing, redness, dryness, inflammation, scaring, etc. Dryness is probably the most common side effect. There is also a chance the patient will see a “Halo” in their vision for the first couple weeks to one month. 
  9. How old do you have to be to get Lasik? FDA states that all patients should be 18 years of age for this procedure.
  10.  Is everyone who wears glasses a good candidate for Laser eye surgery? No. Everyone needs to go though a comprehensive eye exam to make sure your prescription is favorable for correction.  
I am not being paid or affiliated with any particular provider, so if you want any further information about Lasik eye surgery cost,  feel free to contact me.